Bicicleta​/​Cold Times Split

by Bicicleta

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released November 28, 2015



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Bicicleta San Juan, Puerto Rico

Bicicleta Hardcore/Punk band from Puerto Rico .
Frequency Deleted Records.

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Track Name: Reborn

New sun
New us
New everything
No bandage in my eyes
I see the truth of us in

No authority can tame now
What they tried to hide from us
With power comes responsibility
And you got it all wrong

Now you're starting to see for yourself
Your greed caved your grave
No lost mind to control
You're alone in your game
Your illusion is just an illusion

Humanity now carries the torch

As long as we are alive
This idea will continue to spread
To make you understand
What this life is all about.

Don't give up to them
Educate yourself
Look for the experience
Question authority
Carry that truth
live without fear

Of new beginnings
We will end the injustice
We will become one

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Track Name: Imminent

Now we all know
You are the problem
Now we know all know
We were your slaves
But now we are awake
Mad and heartless
Years of oppression
That was your mistake

We are in the front lines
Now or never!
now you're afraid
You loose control
Where everything is
Black and grey

We don't surrender
As long as I am breathing
Don't surrender!

Right in front of you
No escaping
No hiding, face the truth
What you thought was impossible
Your nightmare has arrived.

You see, with time the empires fall
No oppression can last forever
In the trenches of this silent war
You will face me!

copyright 2015 ©
Track Name: You Will Know Pain
You Will Know Pain

Nothing's stronger than myself
In my mind
I am free
Motherfucker what is
So hard to understand
Even killing me won't stop
This idea.

What will it take
For you
To change that
State of mind

Now I see right through it
Fear structured citizens
Your system has poisoned
All of the Earth
But you see,
the glass can only be so full
And we are not drowning with you
We will take you down

And you will know
You will know pain
And you will know
You will know fear

Copyrights 2015 ©